Birthing Classes for Natural Birth

Birthing classes for natural birth - the one thing I believe EVERY mother should do for herself, no matter where or how she chooses to deliver her baby.

Natural Birth Midwife:  The One Thing EVERY Mama Should Do.  Image of mama and dad cuddling new baby.

Welcome back Mama!  This is the final Part of our series on understanding natural birth.  We made it!  Over the course of this series, we have answered the following questions:

  1. What are the advantages of a natural birth?  How does it differ from a typical hospital birth?
  2. How much does a natural birth cost?  Does insurance cover it?  How can I pay for it?
  3. Does a natural birth hurt more than a hospital birth?  How can I manage without pain medication?
  4. How does a midwife compare to a doula compare to an OB / GYN?  Who should I have on my natural birth support team?  
  5. What is the single most important thing I can do to prepare for a natural birth, regardless of the care setting I choose?

And all of this information was designed to help you reach your personal answer to the most important question:

What is the right kind of pregnancy and birth experience for YOU Mama?

AND for your baby?

Along the way I invited you to connect with me directly and ask me any question that came to mind.   That offer still stands.   Please do not hesitate to tap the ASK ME button if you have questions about today’s topic or any of our previous discussions.

Now that you have the tools to make an informed choice – natural birth, typical hospital birth, or something in between - it is time to educate yourself about the finer details of what to expect throughout your stages of labor and delivery.  

As I’ve been hinting all along, there is one thing I believe EVERY new mom should do for herself, regardless of her chosen birth approach.

That one thing is:  Birthing classes for Natural Birth.

Best Birthing Classes for Natural Birth

In my midwifery practice I can only touch a small number of new parents per year with the information I know they need and crave.  There is only so much time in a day and I spend most of it catching babies :-).

But I have recently added a partner to my extended team, an amazingly talented educator of expectant parents, who has dramatically increased the number of people we can help each and every day.

Natural Birth Midwife:  The One Thing EVERY Mama Should Do.  Image of happy, proud mama holding newborn.

Her name is Genevieve Howland.   She has developed a super affordable, easily understandable childbirth course in partnership with Maura, a talented registered nurse and doula.  

I LOVE this program.   If it were up to me, every mama who is looking for a more gentle, natural childbirth - whether at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital - would attend this online course as part of their birth plan.  It truly is that good.

Yes the Bradley method is a good option. Lamaze International and its Lamaze classes are a wonderful approach to navigating the birthing process.  There are many different styles of online and in-person classes 'out there' to help you prepare for baby's birth.  

But if you are looking for the best online childbirth education, especially for natural unmedicated birth, Genevieve and her Mama Natural Birth Course are the way to go.

A Letter From Genevieve

Let me share a bit more about the program in Gen’s own words:

"Hello Mama - 

You may have been told birth is scary, excruciating, something completely out of your control.

You may have been told it's a medical condition instead of a natural biological process.

You may have even been told you won't be able to give birth without medical interventions like labor induction and pain medication.

But we're here to tell you the truth about your childbirth.

You can do this.  It will be one of the most challenging and powerful things you will ever do.

You will grow in ways you never thought possible.  You will emerge a stronger and more confident woman  -  no matter how your birth unfolds.

Seriously - you can do this.  And we can help.

Learn how to have an awesome birth without leaving your home.  Our Birth Course will equip your mind, body and spirit to help you achieve the birth of your dreams - whether that's a water birth in your living room or a gentler and more natural hospital delivery

The course is 100% online and on-demand, so you can take it as quickly or slowly as you like.  You can repeat modules if need be and if time is an issue you could do the whole course in a weekend.

We offer a money back guarantee plus private student forums.

Hundreds of our students have gone on to have life-transforming childbirths.

We would love for you to be one of our success stories as well!"

Sounds like a wonderful way to learn about the birth process doesn’t it?  Go at your own pace.  Return to specific topics whenever you like.  Be part of a support group that is dedicated to helping you at every step of your birth journey.

My team and I have personally experienced Genevieve’s online classes.  I recommend them to every new mom I come in contact with, including my own clients.  And I wholeheartedly recommend this one to you.

If you choose to learn more about Genevieve’s online childbirth classes through the links we provide, my team will receive a modest commission which we will use to fund our birth centers and continue to make natural prenatal, childbirth and baby care accessible to as many mamas as possible.  

That would be wonderful and I would be most grateful.

Simply tap the TELL ME MORE button below to learn about the best online birthing class available.


And again – if you have any lingering questions, of any kind, do not hesitate to use the ASK ME button on any of these posts, before or after completing this introductory series.  My team and I are here for you, always.

Thank You!

Finally, thank you Mama, for spending time with me and for being interested in the sacred process of natural childbirth.  I sincerely hope our paths cross in person someday! 

Please stay in touch and keep me posted on your childbirth journey.  I love to hear comments from my readers.  In the meantime, best wishes for a beautiful birth.

Warmly –

Paula Grady LM, CPM

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